who we are

UNii Engineering Consultancy is a multi-disciplinary professional corporation established in 2011 to provide high quality and inspired architecture, urban, and interior design services. We take pride in the diversity of our work, which enables us to apply our considerable experience and unique approaches to problem-solving. UNii Engineering Consultancy forms part of an international Architects and Engineering alliance which consists of top-level architectural consultancy firms

what we do

UNii Engineering Consultancy forms part of an international architects and engineering alliance which consists of top level architectural consultancy firms from North/South America, Europe, Canada, middle East and Asia that offer integrated specialized expertise in a wide range of building types such as Urban design, Master planning, Neighbourhood Design, resorts, residential, retail, entertainment centres, health and education complexes, theme parks, museums and visitor attractions. 


meet our team

Ashra Gad - Managing Partner

Ashraf Gad

Managing Partner

Allan Hock - Architect


Zaky Abdelrahman - General Manager

Zaky Abdelrahman

General Manager

Mahmoud Abdou - Projects Manager

Project Manager

Osama El Far - Design Director : Partner

Osama El Far

Design Director / Partner

Hala Al Jari - Project Manager.jpg

Senior Architect

Hassan Hashish - BD Manager : Partner.jp

Hassan Hashish

BD Manager / Partner

Mohammed Sherif - Senior Structural Engi

Senior Structural Engineer


team members

Allan Hock

Mohammed Sherif

Hala Al Jari

Mahmoud Abdou

Sahar Bachir - Structural Engineer.jpg
Abbas Sulaiman.jpg
Joyce Masim.jpg
Abd Fattah_edited.jpg

Sahar Bachir

Structural Engineer

Abbas Sulaiman

QS Engineer

Joyce Masim

Office Manager

Abdel Fattah

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Ahmed Hamde_edited.jpg
Edna Jane Samin - Document Controller
Imran Vadla - Mechanical Engineer

Ahmed Hamdy

Construction Manager

Arjo Dometita


Edna Samin

Document Controller

Imran Vadla

Mechanical Engineer

Maryam Al Nahawi - Architect
Mohammed Sunaif - Senior Quantity Surveyor.jpg
Nadia Abdelkarim - Project Coordinator.jpg
Yovan Maricic.jpg

Mariam Nahawi


Mohammed Sunaif

Senior QS

Nadia Abdelkarim

Project Coordinator

Ahmed Gamal.jpg
Wayne Pascual BW.jpg
Mohammed Kunju.jpg

Yovan Maricic

Project Manager

Marybeth Junio.jpg

Ahmed Gamal

Structure Engineer

Wayne Pascual

Civil Engineer

Mohammed Kunju

Senior Electrical Engineer

Marybeth Junio

Finance Manager

Tarek Baky.jpg
Raouf Abdelnabi.JPG
Don Tamayo [BW].jpg
Rose BW .jpg

Tarek Baky

Project Manager

Raouf Abdelnabi

Senior Concept Architect

Don Tomayo


Rose Rodriguez

BD Executive


Tamim Abdallah


Hazim Kutkut.jpg
Mehran Ramzan.jpg

Hazem Kutkut

Mehran Ramzan

Junior Architect

Electrical Engineer

Mervin Abiera - Architect.jpg

Mervin Abiera



Rashid Shalhoub

Senior Architect

Mohammed Farhaan.jpg

Mohammed Farhan

QS Engineer

Abdul Hakim BW .jpg


Mechanical Engineer

Ruelle De Guzman BW.jpg

Ruelle De Guzman

Site DC

Aldrin Par.jpeg

Aldrin Par


Sakhwat Usmani.jpg

Sakhawat Usmani

Civil Engineer

Belinda Adarna BW.jpg

Belinda Adarna

Secretary / DC

OMAR KHALED [BW]_edited.jpg

Omar Khaled

Junior Architect