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20038_3D Central National Archive Building UZ Opt3 V1.jpg


This landmark envisions an archive building that encapsulates the essence of Uzbekistan, integrating local materiality, intricate patterns, and artisanal craftsmanship. Designed to reflect elements of the nation's rich history while embracing a progressive, futuristic, and practical aesthetic, this building aims to evolve with Uzbekistan’s dynamic culture. The primary function of this archive solidifies its cultural and historical significance.

The design's core objective is to enhance the building's value and augment the cultural awareness among the residents of Tashkent. By elevating visitors to a third-floor panoramic vantage point, the building offers sweeping 180-degree views of the city’s historical and evolving landscapes, fostering a profound connection between the past and present against the backdrop of Tashkent’s horizons.


Strategically situated in the city’s vibrant center, the building is surrounded by lush greenery, with vistas extending from nearby water lakes to the modern sectors of the city on one side, and historic views towards the old city on the other. The prominent entrance faces the main city road and public transportation routes, ensuring high visibility and accessibility for both tourists and daily commuters.


The architectural design seamlessly integrates with its environment, opening on all sides to connect with the urban fabric. At the entrance level on the third floor, visitors are treated to expansive views of the green spaces and water bodies, while the opposite side offers a picturesque view of the sunset behind the old city’s silhouette, creating a space where history and modernity converge.

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